Makeup & Skin Care at the Farm.

Like a mathematical calculation answer, getting long-lasting effect on the lips depends on several previous steps but, above all, the order of application of your makeup products.

Follow these 5 steps:

1. Exfoliate and moisturize. Just as it is important to exfoliate our face we must also do the same with our lips, at least once a week. Now, applying lipstick is useless if we have the cracked and scaly lips, it is therefore essential to keep your lips hydrated before applying the lipstick. Use lip balm as often as you can and always keep your lips hydrated, especially in winter when they are more prone to fry out and crack.

2. Use a good base, although it may seem a more professional way, the truth is that the base creates a protective layer that keeps lips soft, protects and enhances the permanence of pigment of lipstick.

3. Choose a lipstick with shine. As you know there infinite varieties of lipsticks on the market. Some are matte, glossy and others that get a satin effect.

4. Another secret of the best makeup artists is that the lipstick should be applied by dabbing the lips with your fingers, without using brushes. Once the lips are clean and excess balm has been erased, apply a base coat of color straight from the tube to the center of the lips

5. If you want a more intense effect, after applying the first layer of your lipstick, you can add another lipstick but whenever you remove the remaining pigment. To ensure uniform result can give a hint of translucent powder on the edges of your lips to act as an invisible shield to remain intact tone.

Lipsticks are not all made the same, some are made with harsh chemicals and react with your lips, some are made with gentler ingredients that do not affect your skin, choosing the lipstick that looks great, feels great and gives you the look that you want takes some time and experimentation.


Skin Care Product Reviews:

mineral water spray

Royal Canadian mineral water spray

Royal Canadian mineral water spray is 100% natural mineral water and must have from the Canadian far north , I use it every day to calm and cool my skin.


Mac Lipstick

MAC’s Lipstick helped to launch this company to stardom, the color selection is huge and are a high quality staple in most great makeup drawers. I think this product is a 9 out of 10

Clinique High Impact Lip

Clinque high Impact is a great , it has a very rich creamy feel and goes on smooth and gives a very intese color.

L’ Occitane brighening anti-aging serum and crème.

L’ Occitane brightening products works like a charm and gives that old world French style that is reflected in it’s great products

Eve Lom Rescue Mask

Eve Lom’s rescue mask does just that it, is  great skin care product that helps rescue your skin a real S.O.S. skincare product when your face is in dire need of rescue